Earned attention

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Dutch marketers spend 4 billion euros annually on purchasing media attention. Meanwhile we have a commercial stimulus fired at us every 11 seconds. As a result, consumers zap, skip and block these stimuli, and purchased brand attention loses its appeal. Earned attention describes an alternative way to build brands in the digital age. The brands of tomorrow prefer to talk with people rather than at them.

This practical handbook includes:
+ strategic insights from fifty visionaries;
+ the latest communication models;
+ forty relevant case studies, including KLM, Hi, Miffy, Philips;
+ handy checklists for social brand activation;
+ the answer to how to earn brand attention;
+ the ‘Journey Planner’: six steps to prepare your brand for earned attention.

Klaas Weima is the founder of Energize, an interactive agency which helps brands to generate earned attention. Klaas writes and blogs regularly for Marketingfacts, Tijdschrift voor Marketing, MarketingRSLT, Emerce and MolBlog. He enjoys speaking about his passions, interactive marketing and brands, and hosts his own podcast, SparkCast.

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